Weekend A La Carte (November 18)

I am in (on?) Rhode Island today, speaking at a little church-based conference here. If you are in the area, feel free to drop by Perryville Bible Church as it’s an open event. Meanwhile, here are some items to read or watch…

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Amy Carmichael: A Soldier’s Life

Here’s a short bio of a Christian hero. “‘We follow an undefeated Leader… There is joy in such combat, though there is horror too.’ These words, penned by Amy Carmichael, give us a glimpse into the paradox of her missionary labours.”

More Than Inspirational

This is a superb article on Joni: “Joni looks forward to the day she’ll walk again in the new heavens and the new earth. She looks forward to kneeling too. For now, she asks those with able bodies to do what she and others can’t do—yet. ‘Kneel before the Lord God, your Maker and mine,’ she writes. ‘And while you’re down there, if you feel so inclined, thank Him for being so good to a paralyzed woman named Joni.'”

How Southern Baptists Trained More Disaster Relief Volunteers than the Red Cross

“Southern Baptists already have 65,000 trained volunteers; the Southern Baptist Convention’s (SBC) disaster response is so massive it financially trails only the Red Cross and the Salvation Army—and has more trained disaster relief volunteers than either one. In September, President Trump acknowledged each of ‘the big three’ for their Harvey response. Receiving presidential praise was a big moment in a big year for SBC disaster relief, which also celebrated its 50th anniversary and spent 500,000 hours tackling one of the worstnatural disasters in American history.”

Study the Greek New Testament for Free at ESV.org

Here is a great opportunity for those of you looking to study the Greek New Testament.

Where the Small-Town American Dream Lives On

This is an interesting profile of a small town that highlights both the joys and trials of a close-knit community. The sheer Dutchness of it reminded me of my childhood (since I grew up around Dutch folk).

The Secret Protocol for When the Queen Dies (Video)

Here is what will happen when the Queen dies.

The Cultural Politics of Fork Usage Are Surprisingly Complex

will never forget the time my British friend, we’ll call her Sara, looked across the table and declared dryly, ‘Americans eat like animals.’ My mouth dropped. I looked down at my plate. Everything seemed tidy enough. There was the salad, albeit slightly overdressed, there the herbed potato cubes and a small squirt of ketchup, specked with only a few pink flakes from the neighboring salmon filet.”

The Reformed Gift Guide – Top Gifts for 2017

Looking for a fun gift this Christmas season? Check out this weeks sponsor of the blog, Missional Wear!

Flashback: Satan’s Great Trick

Satan’s great joy is to convince you that the sin you are about to commit is very small and the sin you have just committed is very large. He convinces you of this even when they are the very same sin. Don’t believe his lie! Don’t fall for his trick! But if and when you do, don’t give him his great delight.

The glory of the gospel is that when the church is absolutely different from the world, she invariably attracts it. —Martyn Lloyd Jones