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Visual Theology
This Visual Theology series of infographics has now visited the ordo salutis, the attributes of Godthe books of the BiblePhilippians 4:8 and the genealogy of Jesus Christ. Today’s graphic looks to one of the most fundamental and most difficult areas of Christianity theology–the Trinity. It seeks to show what we must and must not believe about the Godhead while also explaining the complementary roles of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is free for the download!

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While the infographics will always be free for you to download, I have also opened a store where you can buy prints of each of them. They are all professionally printed in a variety of sizes and are suitable for display. [Update: There is now a Visual Theology website.]

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The Trinity Infographic

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If you are after a high-res version, you can have it here in JPG format. Please feel free to download, copy, email, share, or print the graphic; I just ask that you don’t sell it.

If you have other ideas for theological infographics, please feel free to leave a comment. Several more are already in development.

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