This is the Church in China

While in China last week, we met a local church pastor and took the opportunity to visit him. We did it on the train where we could speak with him discreetly. This is the church in China.

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Q: What’s the danger of being identified?

A: I would be, I’m afraid that if like some people used this video and showed it to the government saying that this guy is saying bad words of our country, then I will get into trouble.

So, in my opinion, it’s very difficult to have a big picture of the churches in China because we are hidden and there is no public website, no public agenda, so people don’t know each other and we don’t know what other churches are doing. But from my point of view, like I don’t think it’s as good as what the western friends think.

There’s a lot of prosperity gospel thing and there’s also a lot of people using Christianity as a way to earn money, to sell his own products like spiritual water, drink and cure every disease. And, there are also many house churches. They are faithful to the Bible, but they don’t know how to lead, to disciple, to do church different between membership. So, yes, I would say it’s very complicated. We always have a mindset of spiritual battle. So, like, for me, I’m a pastor, so for me, every Sunday when I prepare the sermon, I would probably think it’s probably, it’s the last sermon I can preach to this congregation because I don’t know what will happen or something. A policeman will come in and ask us to dismiss or arrest me, I don’t know. So, I prepare every sermon as a battle.

The believers are prepared to face all kinds of challenges, discomforts, or difficulties because of the faith.