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A La Carte (5/20)

Starting the Day Off Right - Nancy Leigh DeMoss writes about personal devotions. “As Father’s Day approaches, I’m reflecting on the legacy I have received from my father—some of the principles he taught and modeled that have shaped my life.”

10 Things Leadership Is Not - Earlier this week I linked to an article about things submission is not. Here is a good follow-up which lists what leadership is not.

Hell - Francis Chan just released this video in which he talks about a book he is working on that deals with the issue of hell.

Islands in the Stream - Here is a gallery of some extraordinary homemade dams holding back the Mississippi as desperate residents try to save their homes.

More Kindle Books - It’s significant when the biggest bookstore announces that they are now selling more ebooks than printed books. “Since April 1, for every 100 print books sold on Amazon, 105 Kindle eBooks have been sold…”

Jogging While Mowing - “What would you say about a pastor who jogged while he mowed his lawn? He was so committed to ministry that he wanted to spend as little time as possible on non-ministry tasks. I know such a pastor. He’s an example of a pastor who works very hard in ministry. At first glance, it looks like he’s redeeming the time. Is he an example for all of us?”

I never saw a useful Christian who was not a student of the Bible.D.L. Moody

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