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A La Carte (8/15)

Transformation - No one says it quite like Carl Trueman. Here he talks about “Christian worldview.” “Such things are, by and large, code for the expression of the concerns of the middle class chatterati in a blandly Christian idiom.  As far as I know, for example, no conferences on the transformation of Christian toilet cleaning or turkey rendering have yet been successfully organised.” The example of Abraham Kuyper is fascinating.

Wedding Photographer - I always enjoy it when Russell Moore takes on a perplexing question. Yesterday he answered this one: “Should a Christian Photographer Work at a Same-Sex Wedding Ceremony?”

Unimaginable Feats - Occasionally I link to a comic if it makes a good point. This one does.

How Blackberry Fell - It fascinates me how companies rise and fall. This is just a short article, but it does a good job of tracing the rise and fall of Blackberry.

Back to Small Group Sale - Small groups will soon be back in session after breaking for the summer. Family Life has some good curriculum and they’ve put it all on sale for a limited time.

Pond Safari - A single drop of pond water shows that under enough magnification, you can find a whole world within it.

5 Ways People Manage Conflict - “Relationships break down for a variety of reasons, but some feuds and fights could easily be prevented if, during the initial stages of conflict, disagreements were handled wisely. Relationships are more likely preserved when people on both sides recognize the different ways that people go about managing and resolving conflict.”

The storms of life no more indicate the absence of God than clouds indicate the absence of the sun. —John Blanchard

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