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Saturday Ramblings

I had my whole day planned out. I was going to start the day by taking the car over to Wal Mart for a quick oil change. As they were doing that I would head over to the in-store McDonalds, grab a quick breakfast and read the paper. Then I would head home and spend a bit of time playing with the kids - perhaps take them to the park for an hour or two. I would watch some of the first round action of the NFL draft over lunch and then in the afternoon I was going to spend a good two hours writing. If I was feeling ambitious I might even read for an hour.

It was not to be. Last night after we had eaten dinner my wife said “It’s not the last weekend in April, is it?” She checked the calendar, confirmed that it was indeed the last weekend in April and realized that she had a conference to attend today. And just like that my plans vanished in a puff of smoke. There would be no relaxing breakfast in McDonalds and there would be no time to write. I took the kids along to Wal Mart, the oil change turned into a $300 job (two new tires, fuel filters, etc) and my breakfast was anything but relaxing! Of course there would be plenty of time to spend with the kids today, so at least some good came out of it.

So…I hope to do some writing tomorrow to prepare for next week. I am planning on moving to the new site design in the near future as well, so next week could be a busy one!

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