A La Carte (6/10)

Seven Mistakes I Made in Ministry – Thom Rainer shares. “I reflected on my years when I served as senior pastor of four churches. I have often said that I wanted to write a book entitled ‘Mistakes I Made in Ministry.’ Then I realized it would have to be a multivolume series! ” (HT:Z)

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Keep Reading – CJ shares a useful encouragement about reading. His experience of reading an entire book and remembering only a sentence or two applies to me as well. But that’s not a good reason to give up.

Oil Spill on Google Maps – This map helps put the spill in some context. And while on the subject of Google Maps, check out this one. It looks like the land of USB cables.

Where Disability Becomes Amazing Grace-Ability – Read this post from Greg Lucas who reflects on the recent Elisha Foundation retreat. The Elisha Foundation does great work for families with disability.

J.C. Ryle – Today is the 110th anniversary of the death of J.C. Ryle. Erik Kowalker posts information about his death, funeral, gravestone and legacy.