A La Carte (7/10)

For That Special Grad
Here is a t-shirt for that special grad in your life.

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A John Calvin Birthday Special
Jim Elliff offers a tongue-in-cheek special for John Calvin’s birthday. “In celebration of John Calvin’s 500th birthday (July 10), CCW is offering a copy of our book on baptism FREE (Going Under: Discussions on Baptism by Jim Elliff) if you order any other book(s) from CCW (except Restoring Those Who Fall)! This special lasts until Friday, July 17th. ”

National Debt Road Trip
This is a helpful illustration of how America’s debt has increased over the years.

Endure Conference
This conference in West Frankfort, IL looks like it will be a good one: “The purpose of the ‘Encouraged to Endure Conference,’ is to strengthen and challenge Christians from all walks of life: the church leader facing opposition at every turn, the lay person starving to be part of a healthy church, the spouse desiring a Biblecentered home, the student openly living a Christcentered life.”

Francis Collins Nominated to Head the NIH
“Yesterday President Obama nominated Dr. Francis Collins to be the director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Dr. Collins is highly regarded for his pioneering work in guiding the Human Genome Project to completion. If confirmed by the Senate, he will oversee the NIH’s operations and (in 2009) its $31 billion annual budget dedicated to scientific research. Collins is also a born-again Christian…”