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A La Carte (July 11)


Like everyone else, I’m intrigued by Threads. If you’re there, why not connect.

As you probably know, it’s Prime Day. While Amazon doesn’t tend to do deals on Kindle books, they do have deals on Kindle devices (and, of course, tons of other stuff) in case you’re after one.

Today’s Kindle deals include an edition of Calvin’s Institutes that is a great value.

(Yesterday on the blog: When You Don’t Like Your Wife, Love Your Wife)

Bad Readers and Their Twitter Swarms

I consider this a very important article if we are ever to learn to behave ourselves on Twitter (and other social media). “Gregoire’s treatment of Pearcey’s argument would be laughed out of any serious classroom for how plainly dishonest and manipulative it is. But on a social media platform optimized for sneering that same treatment is rewarded. The only way to combat it, I think, is to refuse to be manipulated, to refuse to participate in swarms, and to instead actually take the time to do what our critics consistently refuse to do themselves.”

Do the Evil People in Our Churches Mean Our Theology is Evil too?

“I remember believing my parents knew everything—when I was five years old. Any question as grand as God’s eternality to as simple as the thoughts of ladybugs. Any question I had, they could answer it. Or so I believed.” Ah, the innocence of youth…

“Paul Washer… stands in stark contrast to the trifling superficiality of our generation.”—John MacArthur

“Washer understands and remains committed to the value and preeminence of the gospel, and he writes about it with passion and clarity. I love what he has done in this book, skillfully explaining the gospel, describing its incredible legacy, demonstrating its inestimable worth, and arguing convincingly for the gospel to have its rightful place—first place—in the study, conversation, fellowship, and worship of Christians individually and the church collectively.” —John MacArthur (Sponsored Link)

Mother to the Exploited: Meet Amy Carmichael (1867–1951)

This is a lovely introduction to the amazing Amy Carmichael. (One of my great memories of my Epic journey was meeting one of the last children she personally received and prayed for prior to her death.)

Is conversion necessary for the salvation of the elect? (Video)

Derek Thomas has a good answer to the question.

Hospitality is an Everyday Endeavor

“Ask most people in the church what hospitality is meant to look like, and they will probably describe a meal in someone’s home or an overnight stay with friends. We have been trained to think of it as food, tables, napkins, centerpieces, or more recently, opening the doors of imperfect homes to usher in friends and strangers alike. These examples of hospitality aren’t bad, but when we think of hospitality as an event, we lose a lot of the meaning behind its purpose.” Melissa has something else to consider.

It Is What It Is

“‘It is what it is,’ he shrugged. ‘Nothing we can do about it now.’ I sighed in frustration. Was that all? No anger? No complaining? I wanted to bemoan it for awhile. To vent my frustration. But that little phrase sucked the air out of my protest.”

Flashback: Are You Living Worthy of the Gospel?

…there’s a call on every Christian to acknowledge our heavenly citizenship and then to live in a way that is consistent with it. As we sojourn in this world as citizens of heaven, people around us are paying attention.

…we think of holiness as giving up the pleasures of sin for some worthy but drab life. But holiness means recognizing that the pleasures of sin are empty and temporary, while God is inviting us to magnificent, true, full, and rich pleasures that last forever.

—Tim Chester

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