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A La Carte (May 27)


Good morning. May the Lord bless and keep you today.

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(Yesterday on the blog: A Family Update and a Cause of Death)

Let Us Reason Together About Complementarianism

This long article from Kevin DeYoung addresses a number of common objections to complementarianism.

What If I’m Not The Best At Anything?

I can identify with this! “I took a workplace assessment once to determine my strengths and weaknesses and find better ways to integrate them with the strengths and weaknesses of my teammates. When the results came back, there was one thing that stood out about my strengths, and that was that nothing stood out. There were a number of areas where I scored well enough, but nothing I was particularly good at, though I know myself there are definitely things I’m particularly bad at.”

Manners for Social Media in Polarized Times

Jim Elliff has some valuable tips on using social media well. Example: “Reacting immediately to hearsay and unsubstantiated ‘news,’ rather than seeking out the facts is dangerous and demonstrates how much we love to be first with the bad news and last with the good. It’s rejoicing in the downfall of others. Is immediate reaction the way we wish others to treat us? Delay your judgment. You may well be wrong in your assessment.”

Regarding Time, Light, and Second Sleeps

“In our developed-world minds, the most natural thing is to peg a meeting to a certain time on the clock, regardless of what nature is doing. Then stick with it. But many locals find it more natural to live with the rhythms of the sun and the seasons. Islam also encourages this, tying the daily times of prayer to the position of the sun, not to a 24 hour clock.”

The Economics of IKEA (Video)

This is a really interesting little video about IKEA’s success and how much of it hinges on the customer making his own furniture.

Leaving a Church to the Glory of God

You’d be doing your church a favor if you followed this steps if and when the times comes to leave.

How Do we Interpret Old Testament Narrative?

Colin Adams offers 10 quick suggestions on interpreting Old Testament narrative.

Flashback: Getting Older Involves a Lot of Dying

While I’ve got gifting in some areas, I’ve got deficits in others. I’m dying to the notion that I’m especially able or gifted. I won’t ever be the wisest in any area, the smartest, the most capable, or the most knowledgeable.

Lust itself is an act of contempt, reducing someone to a source of sexual gratification and nothing more. If the sixth command prohibited regarding our neighbor as expendable, the seventh prohibits regarding our neighbor as consumable.

—Jen Wilkin

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  • Like an iPhone

    Like an iPhone, Only Much More So

    Can I confess something to you? There’s one thing Aileen does that really bugs me. We will be talking together and enjoying one another’s company. But then, as we chat, I’ll hear the telltale buzz of her phone. And I can tell that I’ve lost her. I can see it in the look on her…

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  • A Difference Making Ministry for Any Christian

    A Difference-Making Ministry for Any Christian

    The experience of preaching is very different from the front than from the back, when facing the congregation than when facing the preacher. The congregation faces one man who is doing his utmost to be engaging, to hold their attention, and to apply truths that will impact their hearts and transform their lives.

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