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Books I Recommend: Contemporary Issues

This is a list of books I recommend speak to contemporary issues and especially to how the modern world got to be the way it is.

Top Recommendation

The Gathering Storm by Albert Mohler.

Al Mohler is a skilled and trustworthy interpreter of the times and The Gathering Storm comes in a context in which no one can doubt the existence or strength of the great winds of change that are sweeping over us all. His book, like Winston Churchill’s that inspires it, forces the reader to understand the reality and to understand the danger. But his book also offers gospel hope and distinctly Christian action. I hope and pray many read it and heed it.

Other Recommendations

The Air We Breathe by Glen Scrivener. Scrivener shows that the values so treasured by modern Western nations are values given to it by the Christian faith.

Remaking the World by Andrew Wilson. The book’s big idea is that the year “1776, more than any other year in the last millennium, is the year that made us who we are.” Wilson does a good job of proving his case.

Live Not by Lies by Rod Dreher. Dreher means to prove that liberal democracy has decayed into something that is beginning to resemble Cold War-era totalitarianism and to suggest how Christians can respond and live with integrity.

Strange Rites by Tara Isabella Burton. Tara Isabella Burton, who does not write from a Christian perspective, shows that people today are not turning away from religion altogether, but turning toward new, replacement religions.