An Update on My Health

Back in October I mentioned that I had largely lost the ability to type. I had experienced some kind of nerve damage that made typing sometimes uncomfortable and at other times excruciating. A little bit of time has passed, so I thought it was probably time for an update.

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The short of it is this: things are not any better, and at times maybe even a little worse. While my everyday life is unaffected, I continued to deal with a great deal of pain whenever I attempt to type or use a mouse for more than a few moments. I have been able to see a couple of specialists, and, thankfully, they have ruled out any of the really terrible possibilities. They seem to have narrowed it down to what we thought it was all along, which is cubital tunnel syndrome, or something similar. It appears to be a matter of nerve damage and inflammation that is slow to heal. But what they have not yet been able to do is tell me how to fix it or to give me much by way of long-term prognosis. It may simply be that there is no quick or easy cure.

In the meantime, I have introduced video as a way of continuing to blog, and have also been growing in my proficiency with dictation software (which is what I am using to prepare this article). While I find that I can dictate some articles, it is such a different form of communication from typing that I find it very difficult to do anything formal or requiring a great deal of focus and concentration. I’ve also been forced to put book projects on hold for the time being.

So, the upshot of it all is that I continue to attempt to write as I am able, and intend to continue creating the videos for the time being. I hope and trust that continuing to rest my hands and arms will help them get better. If you are in the habit of praying for me, it would mean a lot to me if you would pray for wisdom for the doctors and healing for me. I’m confident that the Lord is in this and am continually relying on his grace. Yet, of course, I would love to be able to return to business as usual.