The Best of August

I’ve been at this blogging thing for quite a long time now—it’s coming up on ten years. I’ve been at the daily blogging thing for almost as long. This means that I’ve got an extensive backlist of articles from years gone by. I thought it might be fun to pull out some of the articles I wrote in previous months of August, stretching all the way back to 2004.

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A Holy Moment – This is a memory I had to deal with at last.

How Big Is the Universe? – As a Christian, you simply can’t ponder the universe without glorying in God.


5 Reasons Books Are Better Than E-Books, 5 Reasons E-Books Are Better Than Books, and concluding thoughts in Books & E-Books, Media & Messages – I look back at this and realize just how quickly our technology is moving us in new directions.

Help Lord—The Devil Wants Me Fat! – It just so happens that I was looking at this book yesterday. For some reason I keep it right beside my desk.


A Faithful Servant – A brief biographical sketch of Reverend Alden.

Counseling Myself – Here I am, after my eleventh wedding anniversary, lecturing myself.


Who Do You Love More? – Here’s a time I made my children cry.

Open Mind, Closed Bible – Sometimes having an “open mind” requires having a closed Bible.


My Best Friend’s Wedding – Another anniversary article. It was fun to read it again.

Wrestling with Evolution – Here I tried to think through some of the implications of evolution.


Thanksgiving for Thanksgiving – This was one of those moments that gave me a glimpse of God’s care for me.

Repaying a Gift – This is still one of my favorite articles of all-time, I think.


Biblical Perspectives on Sex and Autoeroticism, Part 1 and Part 2 – This series was an important stepping stone toward eventually writing Sexual Detox.

Human Predictability – We are an awfully predictable bunch, aren’t we?


What Could Be – Back in 2004 I was taking a sports metaphor to the pews of the church.