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While not everyone has a written set of New Year’s goals or resolutions, most people take the opportunity of a New Year to identify one or two things you’d like to improve, change, or do more of in the next 12 months, and studies have shown that reading more is always top priority.

Reading More Takes More Time…or Does it???

If you’re reading this article, then the odds are that growing closer to the Lord and deepening your understanding of his Word at the top of your priorities for 2018, but…is finding the time for extra reading difficult, if not impossible?

As we humans get busier and busier, finding the time to read is an ever-growing challenge, which is why resources like Books At a Glance are so valuable! Much like the “executive summaries” of the business world, Books At a Glance takes the newest and most significant Christian books each week, and condenses them into 7-10 page, chapter-by-chapter summaries, so that you can learn the entire essence of the book in the time it takes you to read 7 – 10 pages!

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The consistent feedback from Books At a Glance members is that this service does two things for you: 1, it helps you learn MORE in LESS time, and secondly, it really keeps you up to date with all the new books that keep coming out. As you know, it’s quite the undertaking to keep with all the new books that keep coming out! (Fill out this form to join, save time, and keep current with the newest in Christian publications!)

Here’s What You’ll Experience:

As you’ll see, there are over two hundred book summaries in the archive, and what they’ll do is send you a new summary or two every week, so that you can continue learning and continue to keep current with all the newest and best books coming out…in just a handful of minutes per week!

Do You Like Audio Books?

In addition to written book summaries, you’ll also get full access to the professionally-recorded audiobook summaries as well! These are a word-for-word reading of exactly the written summary. Most people love this because you’ll be able to listen to the book summaries while you’re working out, jogging, commuting, or otherwise just on-the-go. What a great time-saver!

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