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A La Carte (9/2)


Logos users will want to grab George Muller’s Jehovah Magnified which is free for the month. If you are into audiobooks, you may want to grab The Cross and the Switchblade by David Wilkerson; it is free this month from ChristianAudio. And finally, check out the free desktop wallpapers I shared on Saturday.

Selection Day - Ali, who works on a hospital ship, shares some photos and reflections from a recent “selection day,” where they select the people who will receive surgery. It’s incredible.

Ordinary: The New Radical - It’s kind of trendy to poke at “radical” Christianity today, but do read this article from Michael Horton. “In many ways, it’s more fun to be part of movements than churches. We can express our own individuality, pick our favorite leaders, and be swept off our feet at conferences. We can be anonymous. Although encouraged by like-minded believers, we are not bound up with them so that we should feel compelled to bear their burdens or suffer their rebukes.”

Is Jesus Enough for Drug Addicts? - Mez McConnell: “Every morning in Niddrie, without fail, we will see a steady stream of pale, (many) toothless, shuffling, hopeless humanity trudging, zombie like, to their local chemist to pick up their ‘script’. It is a depressing sight to see.” He asks if and how the gospel speaks to drug addiction.

Coming to a Town Near You - You should check out Carl Trueman’s short article on a couple of his former students. Then read the condescending news reports. Then consider how you and your church might react when you are faced with a similar situation.

Is there Hope for My Marriage? - I enjoyed this article from Jani Ortlund. She and her husband went overseas to answer this invitation: “We are first generation Christians, and we don’t know what it looks like to build a Christian marriage or raise our children as Christians. Please come help us.” She shares feedback from those who were, for the first time, shown how the gospel impacts marriage. Let it encourage you!

Men are religious beings. Religion can’t be got rid of by seeking to ignore it. —A.A. Hodge

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